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Interview with Selfish Magazine


Superfecta, the title work in Sadie Barnette’s impressive Los Angeles solo gallery debut, casts a sharp and witty side-eye on the state of today’s art world..." 
Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times


Interview with SFAQ


"Sadie Barnette, the third artist in the show, which has been organized by Naima J. Keith, the Studio Museum’s associate curator, has in the past turned pieces of near-obsolete audio hardware — boomboxes and turntables — into the equivalent of Minimalist sculptures. Most of the new work, though, is in the form of meticulous graphite drawings of words, including names: “Uncle Rodney’s daughter,” “Luverne and Sadie’s granddaughter,” “Youngest niece of: Margaret, Vivian, Luverne, Stanley, Carl, Aubrey, Alvin, Lesley, Irwin and John.” The results, a family genealogy assembled by first-names only, feels both rigorous and casual, and potentially open-ended."
Holland Cotter, The New York Times


"Her work in photography, drawing, installation art, and bookmaking often explores her own — and others’ — personal mythology under subcultural influences, through the identification of extraordinary moments in everyday life."
Design Sponge


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"Sadie Barnette’s deadpan objects/installations—like Untitled (Boombox), 2012, with its eponymous appliance painted white, its cassette port improbably stuffed with dirt—are striking in their quiet incongruity. The semiotics of color (or its lack) perhaps conjures up a parallel discourse here, particularly given the upshot of a made-over “ghetto blaster.” Yet the works also evince an unadorned lyricism, free of any heavy-handed conceit." 
Ara H. Merjian, Art Forum


"Glitter and dirt; earthbound objects and slices of psychedelic space; the white cube and the club: these pairings are all present—and at odds—in Sadie Barnette’s exhibition, Composed and Performed."
Liz Glass, Art Practical


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