"Sadie Barnette’s reworking of the files that the FBI had covertly kept for years on her father resembles an act of vandalism—an invaded home, reshuffled and spattered and spilled-on papers—as much as it does a daughter’s loving, slightly coy stamp on the typewritten documentation of her father’s life."

"In this project, Sadie, who works in photography, drawing, installation, and bookmaking, located a means of exploring her own identity and family history that builds on her larger practice. Barnette’s work explores every day mundanity but identifies those moments that make the ordinary extraordinary, or even extra-terrestrial. The documents are literally a day to day recollection of Rodney’s activities, but they also illustrate a man imbued with the strength to continue to fight for what he believes."

Sadie Barnette's latest solo exhibit Do Not Destroy serves as a reclamation of her father’s historic legacy.